Travel, tour and explore Land of Hornbills (Bumi Kenyalang). Living up to the state’s coat of arm, a hornbill birds, land of Sarawak clearly filled with unique eco-life, unique culture heritage and lush greenery.

Here are the top attractions to travel and tour around near Miri and Kuching “The Cat” City, capital of Sarawak: 

Sarawak Kuching National Park – Gunung Gading

Prepare to amaze by the star attraction of national park – the spectacular Rafflesia flower. Crowned the world’s largest flower, Rafflesia much of the biology remains mysteries as it has no roots, steam and leaves.

Explore the 5 to 7 species of huge, leathery and five-petalled flower Rafflesia only in one place this coming November to February (Wetter Month).

Plan for the trip and secure a rental car to travel there.   

Gunung Mulu Kuching National Park

Witness the spectacular scenery and biological significance of world heritage caves and tropical forest park.

Walk down the world largest cave passage –Sarawak Chamber to study theories on natural karst and faunas.     

Semenggoh Nature Reserve

Orangutans Sanctuary! Semenggoh Nature Reserve is one of the best places to see orangutans (A species of extant great apes) in their nature jungle habitat.

Watch and capture the moment of orangutans swing from trees and dashing with vines.

Chance of these tree-dwelling orangutans shown up is excellence on fruity season, which are December to February! Visit them with family this coming year end holiday. 

Annah Rais Longhouse 

Authentic longhouse from Sarawak native, which you can learn the culture and tradition of local tribe Bidayuh! With just walking distance from Semenggoh Nature Reserve, package available for you to visit wildlife than living under one roof with native friends to experience their way of traditional living.

Join and cerebrate Gawai (Crebration to please paddy spirit for good harvest) in June. Or simply enjoy their heritage musical, campfire at night and camping at the site.   

Cat Museum

Kuching, literary mean Cat in Malaysia language. For cats lover and cats lover-to-be out there, the perfect place to take photo on cats exhibits, photos, feline arts, organized display of statue and doll.

Study the history and detailed research about cats. Bring back cats related souvenir, that only available in this museum!

Located around the Kuching City, Cat Museum is only 20min from Kuching international Airport by rental car.  

Kuching Esplanade and Main Bazaar

Top destination for local cafes and souvenir in Kuching!

Kuching Esplanade, located near the beautiful Sarawak River, simply dine in eastern heritage style cafes.

Main Bazaar the heart of old Kuching, you can easily find millions type of ethnic handcraft and antique that work best for souvenir! From statue, shirts, keychain to local food like Kuih Lapis (Layer Cake) and Sarawak fragrance (Pepper, Curry).

Located at Kuching City Centre, drop by to enjoy local food, buy souvenir and take a selfie before head over to Kuching International Airport to end your wonderful journeys.