Let’s Get Cheap Hari Raya Rental Deals In Town!!

Gear up for the next long weekend that awaits for you. Hari Raya Aidilfitri that falls on Friday,17th July and Saturday 18th July 2015. Now you know why I said its time for a loooooog weekend right? Take extra leaves and get yourself a good relaxation holiday with your love ones. Next question you might ask is, how I’m going to get myself to take yourselves to the vacation spots or even balik kampung to visit your family, relatives and friends that celebrate Hari Raya. Don’t scratch your head, we will you a suggestion.

It’s so easy, rent a car from Drive.MY, not only a car, but car with the best rental package deals especially for Drive.MY customers. Get discount packages and save up to RM150. This car rental Raya deal you will never get anywhere in Malaysia ! Rental cars that comes with license vehicle, roadtax, and insurances. So now you can rent from all over in Malaysia. 

Stay tune for more info on this Hari Raya 2015 car rental deals !! Jom Raya dengan Drive.MY