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Langkawi may not be as rowdy as Thailand’s beaches or as posh as the California shoreline, yet it is irrefutably appealing. Langkawi is actually a cluster of 99 islands. Though Malaysia may be a Muslim country, in Langkawi conservatism only goes so far, its duty-free status ensures that most people here enjoy cheap booze when the sun goes down.

Locals are unfailingly friendly, especially if you’re a tourist but you’ll also meet a collection of backpackers, expats and package holiday makers. The best way to enjoy and experience the island is to join in on the numerous tours around the island; don’t miss out on a chance to go snorkelling and diving, visit the Kilim Nature Park or simply spend a day experiencing the sights and sounds of this isle. Our Top Ten Best Tours in Langkawi guide is sure to give you some brilliant ideas on the best places to visit in the Jewel of Kedah. 

Langkawi Sky Cab is one of the world’s steepest cable cab and observe at close range the unique geological formations of the island and the western sea coast. The journey includes the world’s longest free span for a single rope cable car at 950 metres.

The Underwater World of Langkawi is created to raise awareness on the importance of conserving our precious aquatic life forms. It is divided into three sections – Tropical Rainforest, Temperate and Sub-Antarctic. Discover adorable penguins in the Sub-Antarctic penguinarium, which features an underwater tunnel for visitors to view penguins swim and play underwater.

Cenang Beach is a warm beach, gentle breeze and azure seas. The island’s white sandy beaches are some of Malaysia’s best, from serene sandy bays to sweeping coastlines. This is the place where one can enjoy an array of incredibly exciting marine activities for kids and adults of every age.

There are so many more places to visit in Langkawi where you can spend your precious time for a good relaxation. Rent a car from us and have a pleasant stay in Langkawi Island !