The core partners have been active in providing various Transportation service, management and Development around Klang Valley since year 2008.Present clientele includes Industrial, Commercial, Office and Home clients. We hope to continue with our performance and strive to become a better organized and efficient service provider with utmost professional approach.

Pioneering the car rental industry in Malaysia. The best tour service in town we provide a fleet of well maintaned cars. Ranging from the latest locally assemble foreign makes and models to the most popular locally manufactured proton cars. Our fleet of well-maintained cars in terms of capacity, ranges from 1300cc to more than 3000cc. We also have an imported vehicle or high end car for rental.

Vehicle, machineries, man power and working tool are equally upgraded and increased in numbers to sustain the job requirements.
Understanding Industrial accident and damages, our projects are secured with public liability of RM 100,000 and Personal Accident Insurance for staff. Our supervisor are equipped with mobile telephone and walkie talkie radio for easy comunication and quick response.


We wish to express our gratitude to the present clients that have entrused us to be their service provider and not forgetting the future clients who seek to engage us.


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