How do I begin?

Click here to visit our Long Term Leasing page. You will be able to find more information regarding your preferred car model, the length of your lease as well as comparison costs between owning a car and leasing a car.

What do I start to search for in a car lease?

It is important to know the purpose of your car lease. Is it for a company or for your individual needs? If it is for business purposes, then perhaps you would like a mid-sized sedan capable of ferrying clients to and fro destinations.

Next question to ask is on your budget. As car leasing is a much longer liability than short-term rentals, you may want to take a look at how much you are willing to pay per month.

Why do the prices vary so much?

One reason why our prices vary is due to widespread differences between insurance premiums and different age and mileages of the cars. For e.g., a 05/06 Toyota Altis will cost much less to lease per month than it is to lease an 11/12 Toyota Altis.

How do I choose a leasing company?

One major consideration in choosing a leasing company has to do with the leasing company's reliability. Since you are going to be leasing a car for a long period of time, service coverage is going to be of utmost importance if you are unfamiliar with the administration of handling a car. By choosing more reputable car companies, you can be assured of the service quality provided around the clock should you run into any problems.

Another major consideration is cost of leasing a car per month. As a lease is much longer than a short term rent, the increase in prices will be compounded over the time period, and so you may want to choose a company which can provide you the best cost.

Drive.MY provides the best of both worlds by allowing you to choose between the best cost and the best service quality, or an amalgamation of the above combination.

What kind of cars should I get?

The type of car you should get would first have to fit within your purpose and your budget available. Once we can ascertain your purpose and budget, we will recommend you the best cars for your leasing needs.

I wish to terminate the car lease. What should I do?

Please call our partner company and find out about the termination clause. In general, some financial penalties will be imposed on you for terminating the contract prematurely. This is similar to what happens when you terminate your mobile contract and is required to pay a termination fee.

In most cases, the leasing company will forfeit the security deposit you have placed with them. Some may require you to pay the full or partial value of the balance of the contract. It is more common that you pay the full balance of the contract. Therefore, finding a substitute hirer might be more economical.

In some cases, your leasing terms may include a diplomatic clause and you may be released from early from your contractual obligation

What is the ideal age for the car?

The ideal age for a car is a brand new car. However, due to fluctuating demand throughout the year, new cars are not available constantly all the time. Additionally, newer cars generally have higher rental prices whether it is for leasing or rental.

What is the ideal age for the car?

The ideal age for a car is a brand new car. However, due to fluctuating demand throughout the year, new cars are not available constantly all the time. Additionally, newer cars generally have higher rental prices whether it is for leasing or rental.

Why pay more for an established company?

An established company will provide better quality service and may have additional services only that company will provide.

What do smaller leasing companies offer?

They offer a more personal touch along with cheaper rates, which may cater to some customers who have such preferences.

What are my payment options?

You can pay monthly via bank deposits, cash, and receipts or through automated credit card payments.

I have a puncture what do I do?

We provide all maintenance services for any breakdown situations. However, as is provided in all our cars, a spare tire and other equipment are available in the boot. If it is currently not within the best time frame, you may wish to replace the tire on your own, or wait for our technicians to arrive to rectify the problem. Tire punctures are considered minor accidents and most car companies will not repair it. You can call the car company for assistance but they may charge a nominal fee. Alternatively, visit a petrol station for assistance.

I have met with an accident in a leased car, what do I do?

First off, do not panic. Next, call one of our operators for advice and action to take next. Do not admit guilt or exchange particulars. Call your leasing company immediately for advice. If there are any injuries, call for an ambulance. Do not move the car or admit guilt.

I have damaged the lease car slightly, what do I do?

Declare the damage and the extent of the damage when you return the car and we will follow-up with the course of action from there. Be advised that a portion of your security deposit may be forfeited to maintain the car. You may have to pay for the 'loss of future use of car' because the businesses cannot rent or sell the car you have leased anymore.

I am about to sign for a lease, what should I watch out for?

When signing a lease, always ensure that the model number, license number and configurations are as the car that you have requested for. Also check if there are any defects or damage found in and around the car. Ensure that the hand-over process is done properly and drive on!

What are these jargons in car leasing and what do they mean?

Car Rental - The act of borrowing a car from a company for a period of time.

Car leasing - The act of borrowing a car from a company for a long period of time (typically 6 months or more)

2+1 - Used to measure upfront payment and the security deposit required to lease a car. The first number represents the upfront payment and the second number represents the security deposit required. The numbers usually mean in terms of months.

1+1 - As above.

Security deposit - The amount of money held in hold up when you lease or rent a car. It is returned upon retrieval of the car by the company from you.

Entry to Malaysia - The act of entering Malaysia using the rented/leased car.

Insurance excess - The minimum amount of money that is required for payment before coverage by the insurance. For example, if you have an insurance excess cost of RM 2000, the insurance company will only cover all costs above RM 2000. The client pays the initial RM 2000 or less.

Collision damage waiver (reduces insurance excess) - A type of waiver that reduces Insurance Excesses.

My leased car broke down, who should I call?

Call the respective car leasing companies up for direct assistance at their websites. If all else fails, you can call our operators at +60 03-2282-3348 during office hours.

The leased car is making funny noises or is acting strangely, who do I call?

For your own safety, please stop driving the car and park it in a safe place. Immediately call the leasing company up for assistance. If they do not pick up, call our operators at +60 03-2282-3348 during office hours.

Am I allowed to 'modify/improve' my car?

Most leases will not allow you to improve or modify the leased car, but if the modified parts are removable, several leasing companies may allow you to modify your car. Please check with your leasing company before modifying your car.

My children/someone else was driving the leased car when it met with an accident/incurred a fine/broke a traffic code, who is liable?

The person who was driving at the moment of time will be liable for breaking the traffic code. However you may receive additional fines from the partner company if he or she is not the named driver as was signed in the contract.

Do I have to pay for road tax/car insurance/radio tax/maintenance?

No. the cost of leasing the car has already factored in all the required annual taxes for your convenience. However, it may be an optional option for hybrid leasing.

It is time for the scheduled maintenance for my car, what do I do?

The leasing company will check for your availability for the scheduled maintenance. A replacement car will be provided during the maintenance period.

I am going away for a few months, where should I park my car OR what can I do with it?

You may choose to return the car to the car leasing firm for parking or authorize them to rent out the said car and you may receive rebates on your leasing price.

I only require the lease car for a few days/weeks/months/occasionally. Can I get a better rate?

Unfortunately, we can only provide special rates for cars that are leased for a set period of time. If you wish to use a particular car for short periods of time, you can consider short term renting instead. It is just as convenient, if not more convenient.

I prefer a Left-Hand Drive lease car, can that be arranged?

Such cars are very rare, and only limited to international embassies. Unfortunately, they are not available to the public.

I need a bigger car for a short period of time (weekends, special holidays, wedding, and etc.), what can I do?

If you require a bigger car, some companies allow you to trade in your car for a period of time. Kindly contact your leasing company, and you can trade in your car for a larger vehicle for a nominal fee.

Do I pay more for a lease car if I am an expat?

No, as long as you have the required car experience and of the legal age, there will be no additional charges for expatriates.

Can I pick the color/specification of the lease car?

Yes, depending on availability and the length of your lease, you can choose the color and special specifications. Because it is impractical for our partners to keep specific cars as inventory, it is unlikely that a specific color or car be available all the time.

How do I know if I am getting the best deal?

Because the cost of leasing fluctuates with respect to the COE price and other costs, it may be difficult to ascertain the value of your deal. However, you can refer to our online calculator to check on the price differences between owning a car and leasing a car.

I have been terminated by my company (We are sorry) and need to return the car prematurely.

Please see the question on termination above. However, if you can convince someone else to take over the lease, some leasing companies may allow that.

Can I sublet/rent my car to someone else?

No. It is signed under your name and hence no insurance will be provided for someone else. In addition, the leasing company has only agreed to lease the car to you and only you. To loan the car to someone else will most likely incur a penalty from the leasing company. This is especially true for high end sports cars.

What is the driving style/culture in Malaysia?

The driving style is very rigid and very unforgiving. You are expected to drive within the law at all times. Other drivers have all been conditioned to drive in this manner and would not be inclined to expect anything else. For example, in a 3 lane high way, you are not allowed to squeeze into a 4 lane highway. It is unlikely that other drivers will give way to you unless it is your right of way.

I am an Employment Pass (EP) Holder/Permanent Resident (PR)/Traveler. Can I lease or rent a car?

Yes. As long as you are legally allowed to drive in Malaysia by way of license, you are allowed to rent a car.

What are the types of additional services that a leasing company can provide?

Some companies provide a free GPS system in their cars, child seats, Wi-Fi hot spots, special loans, iPads, and grooming services for the car. Additionally, some companies also make it very convenient to pay your leasing company. The staff will personally collect your payment from wherever you are, every month, if you so desire to pay in cash.

What is this modified lease programmes that I have been seeing?

Do check out our article on hybrid leasing for more information.