Since its inception 1960, Mayflower is the leading total travel service specialist in Malaysia, catering to both individuals and corporate bodies with its diversified range of services.

With an extensive sales network globally serving 57 countries, supported by over 300 foreign and 500 local partners working closely with our dedicated sales team, Mayflower’s travel infrastructure is one of the most comprehensive in the travel industry.

At Mayflower, we take pride in the fact that besides working with a large pool of local, international and multinational companies in Malaysia, we work with some of the most established and reputable hotels and ground operators worldwide.

This leads us to a staff force of more than 500, over 2,200 vehicles of different makes and models, a network of 19 offices and branches, including 3 airport counters, throughout Malaysia, we continuously provide our clients with a pleasant and delightful trip.


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